Does marketing and sales feel overwhelming?
No clue where to even start?

Need to attract customers to GROW your business?

Get ready to reach the RIGHT target,
by saying the RIGHT things,
through the RIGHT channels to drive real sales, ASAP!

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Welcome to the only marketing and communication Reboot your Company Needs

Stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated not knowing what to SAY or DO to improve customer connections.

Instead let's build a tailored, strategic and measurable action plan to increase awareness and grow!

Introducing Marketing Made Easy

The 90-minute Audit and Insight Session

Designed to help small business owners double their sales without wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work.

Hi, I'm Alyssa!

Mom of two boisterous boys, entrepreneur, branding and marking expert and woman-owned business advocate!

Being a small business owner is crazy! You have to be an expert at everything and this is just not possible. Much like parenthood, survival and success are about prioritization and outsourcing (be that ordering takeout or childcare!)

Having worked at both Fortune500s and start-ups, my marketing expertise is uniquely intertwined with a deep understanding of the entrepreneur.

Which means I get you!

I come with "Big Brand" marketing secrets!

AND I am really excited to share them!!

alyssa and child

Being a small business owner is hard!

You have to be an expert at everything and this is just not possible.

What if you could take a few simple steps to organize, prioritize and build a feasible communication plan for your business?

What It Is

student, typing, keyboard

Let’s uncover the right communication strategy for your unique business

Don’t waste another marketing dollar, it’s like throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks!

Never question if you are saying or doing the right thing to connect with your customers again.

How It Works

1. A Pre-Session Assessment

Upon sign up, you will receive an assessment worksheet. This is designed to provide a quick overview of your business to help identify areas that might need attention. I'll review your worksheet prior to our session so that we maximize our 90-mins together.

2. 90-Minute Strategy Session

Via phone or video call, we’ll digger deeper into your business to uncover what might slow your growth; including potential communication blind spots, missed customer connection opportunities, and marketing ROI. From there, with powerful business goals at the forefront, you will craft a specific 3-5 step communication action plan that is designed to get you some quick wins and help move your business forward over the next few weeks.

3. Follow Up Session

In a 30-minute chat, we’ll go over the progress you made. Discuss any challenges that got in the way of your results and how to overcome them, to set you up for continued momentum and success.

At the end of the Marketing Made Easy session
you will have...

1. An Understanding Of Your Goals

Uncover your most valuable short term business goals.

2. The Tools and Tactics

Create actionable and measurable customer driving tactics.

3. A Sense Of Calm

Have more confidence with a personal action plan to move your business forward.

What people are saying about
Marketing Made Easy

"Working with The Zen Strategy to brand and communicate my business has been a fantastic experience. Alyssa always takes time to understand your business model completely and comes up with an effective marketing plan. She has given me some great ideas on how to promote my upcoming indoor playground especially in times of COVID-19.

She is always available to answer any questions and provides support and mentorship. I have been very happy partnering with The Zen Strategy and looking forward to working together for many more years to come."

“I am a small business owner of ten years that found myself overwhelmed, lost, and unsure of my direction after the catastrophe-for-business that was 2020.

I was nervous to talk to anyone about my overwhelm (aren't you supposed to know everything when you own a biz?) but Alyssa was EXACTLY what I needed. I left each of our sessions feeling more prepared, more organized, and more confident that I could accomplish and execute the things I needed to.

Alyssa's approach is perfect for new or veteran business owners looking for a fresh perspective on their marketing goals and a game plan to make them happen. Her approach is human and supportive, and truly the perfect thing for any small business that needs smart communication support but isn't able to keep a team in house.

The Zen Strategy is now a permanent addition to my list of committed, smart, and dependable, small-biz go-tos. Highly recommended.”

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