Hello! We Help Service-Based Organizations SELL more
with BETTER customer communication.

What We Do

The Zen Strategy helps organizations up-level via better customer communication, 

without needing to hire a big consulting firm or full-time “unicorn” executive.

This of us as your “On Demand” communications brain.  

Guiding business leaders to build sales and marketing plans that turn more prospects into sales.

The Zen Process


In our partnership we’ll:


Dig Deep

We ask A LOT of questions and learn about your business!


Build a Plan

Plans based on strategy are realistic, actionable and sustainable.


Execute with Results

Get it done with measurable results.

Our Services

Strategy & Advisory Services

Build a sustainable brand and an effective communication strategy to achieve your growth targets.

Execution Support

Ensure your plans come to fruition with measurable and actionable results.

What they say about us

“Intelligent, hard working, thoughtful, considerate, and an absolute powerhouse! The greatest skill you can have in marketing is to have sympathy with your clients, and sympathy with their customers. She is remarkable at delivering creative solutions that hit the right note, in exactly the right way – because she takes time to consider context. From the creative to the practical solutions, Alyssa has proven that she can do it all, and absolutely someone I want to work with again.”

– Anup Rao –
Head of Growth @ VMG Cinematic

“An incredible resource! Alyssa has helped me gain so much confidence to become the best I can be in my career. She has taught me to apply pointed skills to make my job easier, more efficient and successful! Alyssa has offered invaluable sales and marketing guidance. I would highly recommend working with her. She will change things around for you too!”

– Christine Lacasse –
Design Lead @ Talon Millwork

“Alyssa helped me to pivot my retail company to build a strong e-commerce presence. Her perspective and attention to detail helped me to identify key actionable items that made the transition much smoother than I had anticipated. I was particularly impressed with Alyssa’s ability to view all communication from the customer’s perspective. I look forward to working with her on my next project.”

– Beth McIntee –
Founder @ Niagara Food Company

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