Constantly Measuring Success

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Is this marketing jargon? 

Oh ya.

Is this still ????? ????????? for your small business? 

Heck ya!

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are simple, measurable goals to help you determine whether or not your communication efforts are working.

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?  Your KPI might be 50 website visits and 2% click-through

 ? Develop ad creative and run it

? Then track how many direct visits you received and the daily ad click rate

Did you meet your target? 

  • If you blew it out of the water, you know you should do it again next month and make a more aggressive KPI.
  • If it flopped a bit, why? Next investment you can use those learnings to make it better and more effective.

Creating tangible, measurable goals helps to clearly assess the time and money you spend on marketing.

Then you’re not throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks.

Cause that’s just crazy!

Need help with your measurable communication plans? We can help!

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Here are some must-haves when launching a small business!

1. A Logo 

There are so many great logo generating sites. 

There are so many great logo generating sites. Wix is a favourite.

2. Some Brand Basics

If you do want to source some help, you need to share some information about your business.

? Who is your target customer
? What makes your service/product better or different
? How does it make people’s lives better or easier.

3. A Website

This is the digital home for your business. It is as important as a physical store. And if your business is virtual…it is your store! Every business needs one, hands-down.
Check out Square-space, Wix and Weebly for do-it-yourself sites.

4. Google Presence

Does SEO matter? Heck yes!!
How is anyone supposed to find you on the world-wide-web otherwise?

? Register with google as a business
? Get your profile up to date
? Post a few free Google Posts and add some pictures

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Need help with your launch or 2021 relaunch? We can help!

Simple Time Management Tips

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Struggling with time management??!! ⏳⏰

As a business owner, sometimes your plans for growth get pushed to the back-burner by the sheer overwhelming effort it takes to keep the business running day-to-day. 

This can result in a revenue plateau and YOU barely treading water!

Quick Time Management Tips:

1. NASA Style Desktop Control: 

Keep these open, always!…task list, notes, calendar, email with colour-coded folders and a web browser with organized bookmarks.  And USE them!

2. Do the RIGHT things not ALL the things:

Prioritize anything CRM, such as new business, quotes and customer follow-ups. 

3. Break it ALL down into ACTIONS:

If you have a large project to tackle, over time and with many steps, break it into manageable actions.  A project is not so overwhelming if you can accomplish it one TASK at a time. ??

Need help gaining more control over your time? We can help!