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January 4, 2021
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Here are some must-haves when launching a small business!

1. A LogoΒ 

There are so many great logo generating sites. 

There are so many great logo generating sites. Wix is a favourite.

2. Some Brand Basics

If you do want to source some help, you need to share some information about your business.

? Who is your target customer
? What makes your service/product better or different
? How does it make people’s lives better or easier.

3. A Website

This is the digital home for your business. It is as important as a physical store. And if your business is virtual…it is your store! Every business needs one, hands-down.
Check out Square-space, Wix and Weebly for do-it-yourself sites.

4. Google Presence

Does SEO matter? Heck yes!!
How is anyone supposed to find you on the world-wide-web otherwise?

? Register with google as a business
? Get your profile up to date
? Post a few free Google Posts and add some pictures

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Need help with your launch or 2021 relaunch? We can help!

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